EasyBracket ePMP

EasyBracket™ for ePMP™ is mounting bracket that allows installation of Cambium Networks™ ePMP 1000 Connectorized Radios on UBNT airMax™ Sectors and other antennas with compatible radio mount. EasyBracket™ for ePMP™ is made of high quality Polycarbonate.

Rp 35.000,-


Mounts ePMP™ 1000 Radio on Ubiquiti Networks™ and RF elements antennas.

EasyBracket™ for ePMP™ is simple bracket with simple function. Installation is intuitively simple - just attach it to ePMP™ 1000 Connectorized Radio and secure the thumb screw.

Clip It To Antenna

Once attached to ePMP™ 1000 Connectorized Radio, EasyBracket™ for ePMP™ enables the possibility to clip ePMP™ 1000 Connectorized Radio on UBNT airMax™ antennas, on RF elements Sectors and Dishes or on any other third party antenna that uses radio mount compatible with UBNT Rocket™ radios.

Compatible Devices :
  • Ubiquiti Networks™
  • ePMP™ 1000 GPS Sync Radio
  • ePMP™ 1000 Integrated Radio