RFelements RockShield™

RockShield™ is the rock-solid shielding enclosure for Ubiquiti Networks™ Rocket™ radio. RockShield sets new standards in compactness, comfort of use, features and cost effectivity.

Paket ini Hanya enclosure saja, tidak termasuk perangkat wireless.

Rp 295.000,-


Give your network more breath – install RockShield™ with every unshielded Rocket™ Radio!

Compatible Wireless Platforms :
Ubiquiti Networks : UBNT Rocket M2, UBNT Rocket M3, UBNT Rocket M365,
                             UBNT Rocket M5, UBNT Rocket M900

Materials          : RockShield™ Body - Die Cast and Extruded Aluminum
                         Bracket - UV stabilized and weather resistant ABS plastic
                         Hardware - Stainless Steel
Operating Temp : -30 to +60 °C
Wind Survival    : 160 Km/h
Weight              : 0.3 Kg / 0.66 lbs – single piece incl. package
Single Unit Retail Box : 20 × 9,5 × 5,5 cm

4x Screw M2,5 x 10mm
2x Sillicon gasket ring
Set of Metal Stickers