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Game Changing TwistPort™ Connector

Unique performance and game changing-features of our wireless systems are based on a revolutionary TwistPort™ connector. The TwistPort™ is a quick-locking virtually lossless waveguide port to connect radios with antennas. TwistPort™ is our original design and sets new standards for outdoor wireless equipment in terms of performance, scalability, ease of use and deployment simplicity.


Unlimited Scalability

TwistPort™ is the key to RF elements® wireless ecosystem scalability. You can combine any Simper™ radio with any TwistPort™ enabled antenna when planning your network. For those using third-party platforms, we offer a wide range of TwistPort™ Adaptors that convert traditional connectorized radios, such as UBNT™, Cambium Networks™ or Mikrotik™ RouterBoard™, into TwistPort™-compatible radio units.

We are pushing scalability far beyond today's standards.

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